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What Do You Do When No One is Looking?

February 21, 2010

Character… inspirational quotes define this trait as what we do when we think no one can see us. Those little things we do when we think no one sees are important. You never know how much your character can influence others.

Last week was long… to say the least. It seems I have been working a lot, absorbed in one (Social Media) puzzle or another. Early Tuesday morning, the mailbox at the “Rain forest” was (accidentally) swiped by a passing car. It was left in pieces… well, it was in pieces anyway. The young lady driving the car was on her way to class. She was also knee deep in her week. Carly had been driving by the “Rain forest” for years. She knew the white mailbox with ivy stenciling well.

For 3 consecutive years we have had to replace the sprinkler in our front yard due to people running it over and not stopping. The mailbox has been hit before and we never knew who, when, ect. Unlike these individuals, she didn’t keep going. Carly stopped. She came to the door. She explained. She apologized. This alone was character enough to impress my mother… Who incidentally, is hard to impress. With grace that is typical of my mother, she accepted Carly’s apology and told her, “Don’t let this ruin your day.”

But Carly didn’t stop there. She not only offered to replace the post, she bought it, painted it, and returned that evening to deliver it. When my mother saw the care and craft that was presented to her… she could hardly believe it.

The next morning Carly returned to put the post in the ground. She borrowed our shovel and planted not only our new mailbox post, but new flowers too. I got to meet Carly that morning. I’m still surprised at her character… pleasantly surprised.

Carly, thank you! It’s not often my mother cries… I’m glad they were tears of joy.

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  1. maryann Burt permalink
    February 21, 2010 2:41 pm

    Thanks for sharing have a great day

  2. Kathy permalink
    February 21, 2010 8:24 pm

    Kudos to you Carly–Jesus showed in your actions.
    Well credited Stephanie–your gratitude & appreciation for the good in people are evident!

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